Glasgow Airport Rail Link “reluctantly cancelled” to save money over several years.

Every department is being asked to find cuts that would not affect front-line services.

The Government’s administration budget is being cut by £14m next year.

A saving of £20m set aside for preparing for local income tax.

A cut of more than 50% in the Government’s advertising budget.

Councils asked to to a similar pro-rata share of administration cuts.

Councils asked to approach “significant challenges in a spirit of partnership”.


Protected programmes:


Spending on frontline public services, such as schools and hospitals.

The economic recovery plan, to protect jobs and employment;

Work to protect households at a time of economic hardship, including freezing council tax.

Improved public transport around Glasgow to support the Commonwealth Games and the Souther General Hospital.

Spending of more than £840m on the rail network.

Free bus travel.

Renewable energy schemes.

School building programme woth £1.25bn.

Modern Apprenticeships.

The Edinburgh Capital City Supplement.