Many have written letters to The Herald about the call of Queen's Cross Church in Aberdeen to the Rev Scott Rennie. Few have mentioned the congregation at Queen's Cross.

In June 2008, our minister, the Rev Robert F Brown, retired after a distinguished ministry. Queen's Cross was, and is, a happy, united and prosperous congregation. In accordance with church procedure, Queen's Cross appointed a nominating committee, which drew up a parish profile and advertisement. What did these say?

Queen's Cross's vision is to honour God, follow Christ and serve the Kingdom, led by a minister who will help the congregation to be outward-looking, to have an active social conscience and an inclusive approach to those of all ages and backgrounds. A tradition of thoughtful, scholarly preaching, stretching back over 100 years, has been a hallmark of Queen's Cross worship and witness, and we were looking for someone who would follow in this tradition of inspirational preaching: someone who would continue to challenge us and inform our conscience.

The nominating committee took some time to reach a decision on the sole nominee. It did so in a prayerful and considered way. At all stages, there was thoughtful debate and discussion. The committee was mindful of its legal obligations under both civil and church law in the equal and non-discriminatory treatment of all candidates.

Queen's Cross wishes to reaffirm its belief that Scott Rennie was the best candidate from an outstanding field. He fulfilled all the key requirements contained in the parish profile.

The congregation were fully conversant with all relevant facts before they voted for and signed the call to Scott Rennie. Our call is based upon his gifts and our corresponding needs, and upon our real sense that he is the person best equipped to serve alongside us and to offer leadership to us. Judith Pearson and Trevor Salmon Joint session clerks Queen's Cross Parish Church Aberdeen