Until Sun Mar 18, Mon-Wed and Sat 10am-5pm, Thu 10am-8pm, Fri, Sun 11am-5pm, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, free, 0141 229 1996 Homo sapiens are narcissistic. Only one thing interests us more than a mirror, and that's a picture of a fellow human being. Forget the Grand Canyon and the Grant's gazelle, nothing intrigues us like a portrait - as Kathleen Little knows well. During a three-month residency at Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, she has produced a series of photographs of staff, visitors to the gallery and friends.

They are deceptively simple images: Little has focused in closely on the faces and, as her title suggests, the eyes of her subjects, with the intention of eliciting an emotional response from the viewer. Backgrounds and contexts are absent or immaterial; the subjects confront us one-on-one, as if demanding an answer. It's almost uncomfortably intimate.

Alongside this show, Little also presents Positive Reflections, the result of her recent work on a project run by Positive Mental Attitudes. The Glasgow-based organisation was set up to provide support for mental health service users, enabling them to challenge the stigmas surrounding mental health, through creative arts and other activities.

Positive Reflections is built around responses to Material World, last summer's sculpture show at GoMA, and includes graphic and photographic works created by Little with participants in the project.

andrew burnet