I LOVE smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. That or something called an Energetic, which I discovered in Mexico. It's full of spinach and onions and mushrooms - it's basically all kinds of scrambled mush.

I'M A GOOD Catholic girl. Unfortunately life doesn't allow me to go to church every Sunday. Christmas, Easter and prayers at home are all I can manage at the moment.

I WAS REALLY talkative as a child. The priest used to pray for me not to talk so much because I was distracting the other kids. He used to say: "I'm praying you can concentrate just a bit more."

I WANTED TO wear fingerless gloves at my confirmation. I think I always wanted to be different and felt very stifled at school.

JULIA ROBERTS was the first big Hollywood celebrity to make me feel like I could be her friend and aspire to be like her. Mystic Pizza, Pretty Woman, Dying Young - I've got all those DVDs at home because Roberts was a childhood icon of mine.

I GREW UPsurrounded by two farms and their fields. My earliest memories are of our mongrel dog running around and cows looking in the window while we ate our tea.

ANSWERING PHONES for Camelot while they were setting up the National Lottery was my first ever job. I didn't last long because I used to answer in silly accents just to keep myself entertained.

I WENT TO Sierra Leone with Christian Aid, which was amazing. I took my mum and after I'd done some interviews, I'd frequently find her down the road talking to locals and helping them with their washing.

WHEN MY gran died, she left me some money to buy a necklace, which I did. It's my most treasured possession. I also have some photographs which mean a lot to me.

MY BOYFRIEND makes me chuckle every single day. It's usually quite childish: a silly voice or some comment designed to make me giggle. A lot of my friends make me laugh too - it's a big part of what relationships are about for me.

I USED TO get an anxiety dream where I'm sitting on a toilet and all of a sudden the walls fall down and I'm in the middle of a shopping centre and everyone is looking at me. I know what that means, but I've not worked out another one I had about trying to get into a party hosted by Madonna, and never being allowed in.

I THINK MY name means "princess". My great gran was called Suranne and when my dad told the priest he wanted to call me Suranne, too, he said: "Now, that's not a proper name." So I was christened Sarah-Anne. When I got the chance to pick a stage name, my dad asked if I would consider Suranne.

I'M A Manchester United fan, mostly through my dad and my brother. Also, my boyfriend is unbelievably passionate about them, especially after the season we've just had. The Champions League final was a very nerve-wracking game.

I IMAGINE I'll be a pain in the arse when I'm old, mostly because of the frustration of not being able to do everything that I want to.

Suranne Jones stars in Harley Street, which starts on Thursday, July 17, ITV1 at 9pm. Interview by Jamie Lafferty