KATE Moss and Jade Jagger's green guru has branded Friends of the Earth (FoE) a "dinosaur organisation" after the eco-group accused him of misleading the public by claiming that "partying can save the planet".

Club4Climate, the world's first eco-night, is the brainchild of Andrew Charalambous, who has been embroiled in an angry exchange of words with FoE after supermodel Kate Moss and Mick Jagger's daughter Jade DJ'd at a recent event in Ibiza promoting environmentalism.

Charalambous, also known as Dr Earth, who claims to be a decendant of Roman emperors, Norman kings and the Doges of Venice, got into hot water when he launched the club night, stating that "all you have to do is dance to save the world". On Club4Climate's website it claims that all profits go to Friends of the Earth.

FoE, however, took offence at Club4Climate's insinuation that people should fly to Ibiza to go clubbing in order to earn their green credentials.

Friends of the Earth's Ruth Ruderham, head of supporter development, said: "Telling people they can save the world by flying to an island to party is a green con. Club4Climate is misleading people by using our logo and our name.

"Air travel is one of the fastest growing sources of carbon dioxide emissions and a major threat to government targets for tackling climate change. If Club4Climate is genuinely concerned about climate change, it should promote destinations that you don't have to fly to."

Club4Climate's website, which shows Dr Earth standing in front of a spinning globe surrounded by bikini-clad women, now carries a disclaimer which states: "Friends of the Earth in no way supports or endorses the activities of Club4Climate, but we're going to give them the money anyway."

The 35-year-old property developer, trained barrister and former Tory candidate scoffed at FoE's comments, calling them "an organisation which represents the past". He added: "Friends of the Earth don't know what they're talking about. They've got it all wrong.

"Our philosophy is about millions of people making a small change to their lifestyles. You aren't going to save the planet by telling them to ride bikes.

"We're not here to fight with anyone, but they FoE feel threatened they'll lose their subscriptions. They've created the conflict here, they're being shallow ... They have to be realistic, they're telling people not to fly, so how should Gordon Brown have got to the G8 summit, swim? Should Australians never leave their country?"

Club4Climate launched Britain's first eco-nightclub in London in July. Cyclists and walkers get free admission and the dance floor generates its own electricity when people move on it.

When asked how much carbon emissions Dr Earth's London club and his Ibiza club had produced, he said they didn't have the technology to measure that. When the Sunday Herald asked how much money Friends of Earth were due to receive, he was also unable to provide that information.

Dr Earth now plans to build an island by 2010 where eco-friendly party-goers can "save the world lying down drinking cocktails next to the pool".