Thu Apr 5-Sun Oct 28, Mon-Wed 10am-5pm; Thu 10am-8pm; Fri & Sun 11am-5pm; Sat 10am-5pm, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, free, 0141 229 1996 This is the central exhibition of the Gallery of Modern Art's Blind Faith season, which focuses on sectarianism as a feature of Scottish identity. "The work will not be about the subject, it will be the subject," stated Buchanan when the programme was announced. Born in Glasgow in 1965, Buchanan is still perhaps best known for Gobstopper, his short film about children holding their breath in a car driving through the Clyde Tunnel, which won the first Beck's Futures award in 2000. He's also a veteran of two Venice Biennales.

This new show includes photographs of footballers - whose religious allegiances are of obsessive interest to some fans - and films of marching bands, displayed in a large triangular theatre. There is also a focus onthe eighteenth-century political reformer Thomas Muir, and on Buchanan's "mixed" marriage to the artist Jackie Donachie (her background is Catholic; his is Protestant). If Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley can shake hands, surely there's hope for reconciliation in Glasgow.