Mike Myers was presented with a special "Shrek tartan" yesterday to mark the UK premier of the latest movie Shrek the Third.

The giant green and brown kilt was presented by VisitScotland to Myers, who was on his way to the launch in London's Leicester Square, where he was joined by fellow stars Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.

Myers, 44, bestowed a Scottish accent on the lovable ogre when he first came to life in Shrek in 2001. In order to "explore Shrek's possible Scottish heritage," VisitScotland developed the idea of a Shrek tartan, which has resulted in an oversized kilt being made for the costumed character.

At 7ft tall and with a 102ins waist, this was no ordinary kilt fitting, but Lochcarron of Scotland, based in Selkirk, agreed to meet the challenge. Weavers worked overtime to create the giant piece of green and brown tartan.

David Ogilvie, managing director of Lochcarron, added: "Clearly this was no ordinary brief for us. The team rose to the occasion and our designer chose muted browns and acid greens to reflect Shrek's character and status."

VisitScotland hopes to use the stunt to promote Scotland and encourage others to trace potential Scottish roots.

Jenni Steele, senior PR manager at VisitScotland, said: "We wanted to highlight just how diverse Scotland's heritage can be. If Shrek can have a tartan so can anyone.

"There are thought to be in excess of 50 million people across the world who can claim Scottish ancestry, so this is a great opportunity to be able to link our national heritage with such a well loved film character."