A TOP lawyer last night aimed a bouncer at Scottish cricket chiefs after they suddenly abandoned disciplinary action against record-breaking star Majid Haq.

The career of the nation's leading cap winner appeared to have hit the buffers three months ago when he was sent home in disgrace from the World Cup in Australia, amid accusations that he had circulated a racist message on social media.

Haq was hauled up in front of squad bosses when he aired his views after being left out of the starting line-up for the clash with Sri Lanka in Tasmania.

He admitted to tweeting: "Always tougher when you're in the minority," but insisted the sentiments were not racially motivated.

Haq was banned pending a later hearing and the threat of further punishment by the ruling body, however no proceedings were formally convened after the player sought legal advice from Glasgow solicitor Aamer Anwar.

Majid was also told by Cricket Scotland bosses to issue a full apology for the tweet - but he refused, insisting he had not done anything to say sorry about.

Anwar was told early yesterday that CS had withdrawn from discussions and would issue no charges against Haq, who plays for Glasgow club Clydesdale.

The lawyer declared: "I'm glad to see that Cricket Scotland have finally lifted the suspension of Majid Haq after three long months of a disciplinary investigation.

"That anyone should be punished for tweeting 'Always tougher when you're in the minority' sends out the wrong message and Cricket Scotland should take a long hard look at their procedures.

"Mr Haq wishes to make no comment.

"It has been a hugely stressful time for him - and especially his parents.

"He is now looking forward to getting back to playing cricket."

A Cricket Scotland spokesman said: "Following careful consideration of matters, we have decided to take no further action against Majid Haq following the incidents which led to him leaving the squad at the recent World Cup.

"Mr Haq is free, with immediate effect, to return to his duties under his contract with Cricket Scotland.

"This matter is now considered to be closed."

Spinning all-rounder Haq, 32, has made 210 appearances for Scotland and is the nation's top wicket-taker.

His next opportunity to add to his tally will be the home tussle with Nepal in the World Cricket League Championship at the end of next month.