Promises of spring may have been a bit hasty this year but now, surely, we can confidently say the sun is on its way back. It’s time to emerge from the den and think about refurbishing, reorganising or moving house. Whichever option you go for ... a new edition of Luxury Homes will inspire you.

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4    Market commentary
Scotland’s prime market with Beverley Brown 
12    Liquid assets
The country’s most seductive waterside homes 
21    Interview: Amanda Lamb
The property expert and former Scottish Widows model reveals why she can’t move house. By Ann Wallace
28     Away for the day
Visit heritage homes to celebrate Year of Young People
32     Cosiness is ingrained
Escape to the country ... and a lovely wooden cabin
34     Hue Skye thinking
New eco paints tested in Scotland’s wildest weather
38     Sun, sea and saving the world
The Middle East and Europe’s finest eco houses 
42     The love of new build
Changing tastes brings a rush for new homes
48     Interiors
A new look for spring with Lindsey McIntosh