I've been in the wine trade for a wee while now, and it's a business that I love.

My work is also my hobby, and I know how lucky that makes me.

I met a kindred soul this week, a man whose passion for wine actually exceeds my own. Ian Bird is the man behind the Route du Van wines from Victoria, Australia. He had a glint in his eye when he described the business and the wines and I couldn't help but get caught up in the story and the sheer, downright drinkability of the bottles.

Ian is based in Oxfordshire, the Rhone Valley in France and Victoria in Australia and much of his life is based around road trips. He travelled around Oz in a van, looking for grapes, vineyards and wines that moved him. The idea was always to produce something special to enjoy with food and with friends.

The Route du Van wines have been inspired by the old world and they show great depth and subtlety as well as the fun, fruity approachability of Australia. The white is a blend of 90% Viognier and 10% Chardonnay, and the red is Dolcetto with Shiraz (both are available at Inverarity One to One at £10.99 each). The Route du Van winemaker, Tod Dexter also has his own line of top quality chardonnay and pinot noir from the Mornington Peninsula. His pinot is one of the finest new world examples of pinot noir I've ever tasted. High praise indeed from someone who loves good Burgundy as much as I do.

I was delighted with Geoff's recipe choice this week, as I can't imagine a better wine to match with sea bream other than the Route du Van viognier chardonnay. Take a trip, and enjoy the wine.