When is a supermarket not a supermarket?

When it's a specially made Chanel catwalk-cum-supermarket of course, complete with haute ketchup, Chanel bon bons, and - our favourite - a comprehensive cheese island.

The brainchild of a certain Mr. Lagerfeld, models including Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne walked down aisles containing custom-made groceries wearing the label's latest creative output.

Delevingne, with multi-coloured dreadlocks and clad in a coat made from Chanel's iconic tweed was last to walk, making her appearance hand-in-hand with Lagerfeld.

Situated in Paris's Grand Palais, the show for Paris Fashion Week wrapped up with the best news of all - guests were told (via tannoy) that they could help themselves to anything they fancied 'in-store'.