So many sushi joints, so little time..yet only the most exceptional fish will ensure a really good dish!

This week, Yelp has gone fishing for some of the best plates in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


50 Queen Street, Glasgow

Elaine A went for a plate of mixed sushi. "It came with ten large pieces of varied sushi, and was served on an authentic wooden Japanese board. I remember really taking a liking to the fresh tuna nigiri, which not only tasted really pleasant, but also had a thick slice of good quality raw tuna!"

Harajuku Kitchen

10 Gillespie Place, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

Sushi-fan Jamie S "had the agedashi tofu and assorted sashimi (including the catch of the day) with wafu salad." He delightedly notes the "generous" portions and "the quality of the fish; fresh, perfectly prepared and complimented by crisp vegetables and a sweet, citrus dressing."


441 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Raving about the "sweet potato maki", Hayley M says it is a "must try! I love fish sushi but this could actually be the nicest sushi I have ever had. It comes in an inside out roll and I think the sweet potato is slightly deep fried as it has a crunch."


19 Dalry Road, Haymarket, Edinburgh

Self-proclaimed "sushi virgin" Susan P was "a bit hesitant" in sampling the wares at this Haymarket establishment but was ultimately impressed with her "portion of seaweed and spicy salmon maki," saying "the food was super fresh and tasted delicious although I now know how potent wasabi is!"

Yo Sushi

House of Fraser, Glasgow

"We usually end up with a mixture of some Nigiri (fish placed over a rice bundle) from the conveyor and some handrolls (rice and fish wrapped up in seaweed sheets) or a hot dishes (firecracker rice or, in this branch, the garlic and teriyaki beef which is just heavenly!)" raves Gordon M.

Tang's Japanese Restaurant

44 Candlemaker Row, Old Town, Edinburgh

"Look, sushi is all about ingredients," announces Lou V. "You can't hide anything when you've got raw fish, a little vinegar and rice to present. Tang understands this... Just thinking about their salmon sushi makes my eyes glaze over ever so slightly."


535 Great Western Road, Glasgow

Elizabeth F "really liked the honey floss sushi, which is chicken and salad rolled in pork floss served with a honey, lemon and mustard sauce. It's scrumptious but four pieces is always too much. I also had a sake maki sushi, ap soong which is finely chopped duck and crispy vermicelli noodles, which I had to roll in iceberg lettuce."

Hay Sushi

15 Dalry Road, Haymarket, Edinburgh

Catriona C picked up "a perfectly delicious sushi/sashimi bento box" from here and was even impressed by the miso soup: "some of the best" she's had in Edinburgh. "I had 40 minutes to order, eat, pay and walk to my appointment, and I made it all in plenty of time without rush. Would I be happy to return to Hay Sushi again? Perfectly!"

Cailin's Sushi

1136 Argyle Street, Glasgow

Lex G loved the selection available - "their offering was immense! Nigiri, gunkan, hand rolls, hoso maki, futomaki, special rolls, sashimi, noodles, rice dishes, bento boxes, various sushi boxes, and desserts."


8 Grindlay Street, Old Town, Edinburgh

This "elegant" eatery served up "edamame, wakame salad, avocado rolls, dragon roll, miso eggplant, and some sashimi" to former Tokyo-dweller Julie G, who is "so happy to discover that Edinburgh has a Japanese restaurant of this quality."