As far as fusion cooking goes, there have been some fairly unorthodox mash-ups in recent times.

But a new blend of two seemingly disparate subjects - cooking and hip hop - is set to take both bookshops and kitchens by storm.

Rapper's Delight: The Hip Hop Cook Book, published by Dokument Press, has mixed up some of the nation's best-loved recipes with a dash of hip hop spirit, and resulted in creations including Wu-Tang Clam Chowder, Public Enemiso Soup, Run DM Sea Bass and Busta Key Lime Pie.

Each recipe is accompanied by unique artwork from up-and-coming artists.

Chuck D, of Public Enemy, said: "There are all aspects of Hip Hop, but the best of it has unique blending of ingredients, detailed preparation as well as great taste. Rapper's Delight connects like great food, and makes too much sense."

Rapper's Delight: The Hip Hop Cook Book is available from selected retailers including Urban Outfitters and HMV.