Brewdog are encouraging beer lovers to swear at their staff as part of a cheeky campaign to launch their first gluten-free beer.

The Scottish brewery has added its Vagabond Gluten Free Pale Ale to its headliners range after it beat the competition in the 2014 Brewdog Prototype Challenge taste test.

To launch the new ale and encourage drinkers to be intolerant of gluten intolerance, beer lovers can order the new gluten-free drink at any Brewdog bar by giving staff the v (for Vagabond) sign.

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said: "BrewDog exists to make everyone as passionate about beer as we are - so we are always pushing the limits of brewing to expand the horizons of craft beer. Gluten free products have become synonymous with underwhelming flavour and experience, so we wanted to prove that a gluten free beer didn't need to lack the bold taste and texture of a craft beer. With Vagabond, there is finally a gluten free craft beer that tastes like it should.

"We are showing zero tolerance to gluten intolerance and any intolerance of that is something we will simply not tolerate."