Scots-Sikh celebrity chef Tony Singh is to fulfil his lifelong ambition of opening a restaurant in Glasgow.

The Leith-born presenter of BBC 2's The Incredible Spice Men, who has also featured on The Great British Menu and Saturday Kitchen, will launch Tasty at the Alea casino at Springfield Quay in the new year.

The mid-priced "Gallus" street-food style menu will feature Singh's idiosyncratic mash-up of Scottish favourites, such as chicken tikka pies, poutine (chips and cheese curds) and sweeties like salted caramel teacakes, bubble gum marshmallows and spiced millionaire's shortbread. There will also be a high-end "Glasvegas" menu featuring lobster thermidor and a range of steaks. All ingredients will be locally sourced where possible.

The restaurant itself, currently being constructed, will have an "urban edge" look complete with designer graffitti and the bright colours of the chef's ancestral home of the Punjab to highlight the chef's Scots and Asian roots.

Mr Singh, who lives in Edinburgh, will spend much of his time in Glasgow, where his mother was born and brought up. He has appointed James Hardy, formerly of One Devonshire Gardens under Andrew Fairlie, and former head chef at Nick Nairn's Glasgow restaurant Nairns, as his head chef at Tasty, which will be open for dinner seven nights a week.

He has never gone down the Indian curry restaurant route, because he doesn't not believe their cooking is authentic. He sold his fine-dining Edinburgh restaurant Oloroso in 2013 and is not convinced Michelin starred cooking is what punters are looking for. He said: "I'm so over fine-dining and I think most people are. My pop-up restaurant at the Apex hotel during the Edinburgh Festival this year was very busy, and proved that mine is the kind of food people want.

"My menu at Tasty is not top-end but it's fun, top quality and tasty food that will capture the dynamic vibe of the Glasgow eating-out scene.

"Casinos are where adults go to play and they want to have fun. To people who think casinos aren't for them, I say: 'Dinnae be scared.'"

He added: "Opening a restaurant in Glasgow feels like I'm coming home. It's something I've always wanted to do and I can't wait to let everyone here have a taste of my mash-up menu. We may even put a Glasgow salad on the menu."