YOU really should have done something before now. All through November, the shops and websites were stuffed full of baubles and tinsel. All you needed to do was click a button. But December has come and very nearly gone. Now it is Christmas Eve and the artificial tree you took down from the attic a month ago is still lying behind the sofa wrapped in bin bags. As for decorations, you've got a couple of broken baubles, a ropey-looking nativity scene and a toy Santa in a bag somewhere. And. That. Is. It.

There's no point going to the shops at this stage because there are no decorations left on the shelves. The neighbours and their kids are coming round later and your house is as festive as Scrooge's basement. Fear not. There is still time to sprinkle some reindeer dust and have the place radiating with Christmas spirit – and with little or no skill required.

Cookie decorations

First, raid the kids' crafting supplies for some coloured plastic beads. You will also need metal cookie cutters (ideally in the shape of stars but plain circles will do), a baking sheet, greaseproof paper, a drill and some ribbon, although the last two are optional.

Now, set the oven to 200C. Place greased cookie cutters on a lined baking sheet. Then sprinkle the beads inside the shapes. If you are more creative, you can arrange them into a Christmas design. Place the tray in the oven for five to 10 minutes, checking every minute or so. Remove the tray from the oven and allow to cool. Once cooled, drill a small hole into the top of your ornaments to thread a ribbon through for hanging, or dot around the house.

Jam jar snow scenes

The next idea requires little creative flair. You just need a jam jar, vase or lantern, any odd Christmas decorations you have lying around, or even a small toy Santa, and some salt or bath salts, and ribbon.

First, take your clean, empty jam jar, vase or lantern and place your spare Christmas decorations or Santa inside. To make sure they stay in place you can hold them down with blue tack, or hot glue for a more permanent solution. Sprinkle the scene with table salt or bath salts to make it look like snow. Place the lid back on and decorate the outside with ribbon. It's that easy.

Chocolate reindeer

This one needs a little bit of prep. You'll need a large bowl, assorted chocolate sweets, red sweets or pom-poms, pipe cleaner, cellophane cones and small craft googly eyes (if you haven't got any eyes, some small white stickers with dots drawn on will work just as well).

In the bowl, mix together the chocolate sweets. Wrap a pipe cleaner around a pencil to make it coil. Place red pom-poms or a red sweet in the bottom of the cellophane cones and scoop your chocolate on top, filling it three-quarters of the way up.

Next, twist the cone to close and wrap the top with the pipe cleaner, making it look like reindeer antlers. Pop two googly eyes on the front and voila, your chocolate reindeer is complete.