The Barras Art & Design Centre (BAad)

54 Calton Entry, Glasgow

What is it: The people behind Glasgow's iconic nightclub, the Sub Club are also the curators of some of the city's best food and drink pop-ups are the brains behind bringing A’challtainn to the middle of the Barras Market. They had a vision of creating a food hub for the entire Calton area. This seafood restaurant and bar has been opened since the end of 2016 and has built up a loyal following ever since.

Interesting fact: A’Challtainn – pronounced "A Cawl Tain" – means “the hazel wood” and is Gaelic for Calton, the area of Glasgow where it is located. The Barras Art & Design Centre (BAad) where A’challtainn lives was built by Norrie Innes, a local entrepreneur, whose vision for the venue was to create a space for artists and social enterprises to showcase the best of Glasgow’s creative talent. They have also opened The Backyard at BAaD, which is made entirely of shipping containers combining an indoor bar, outdoor barbecue and grill, covered seating area, elevated deck and beer garden with gourmet food trucks, graffiti street art and more.

Verdict: OK, so A’Challtainn itself is more of a restaurant than a bar but because out its location in BAad, it lends itself to also being a great place just to go for a drink. A’Challtainn @ BAaD is not just a restaurant, it is a multi-purpose venue that also accommodates event space, coffee shop, cocktail bar where you can also see concerts, film screenings and even the odd football game on the massive screen. The team here have had to work to bring people to this location. On paper you may think they were mad to even attempt opening a top fish restaurant in the middle of the Barras, but it works and this is down to a great offering and the dedication of the team, who are extremely passionate about what they do.

Drink: There's a great selection of wines, beers and cocktails on offer. I love the fact you can have an amazing glass of wine with some oysters in the restaurant then grab a pint and sit in the courtyard and watch a football game on the big screen.

Food: Obviously it's all about the seafood, which they take great pride in. Don't worry if you aren't into fish: there is plenty on the menu to keep you happy. I had the winter fish stew with salmon, octopus, mussels, butter beans, kale & paprika. At £17, it was was worth every penny. Also get down on Fridays from 4pm until 9pm for £1 oysters!

Prices: It may not be in line with some of the other pubs around the Barras but you certainly get what you pay for here.

Children: Great place to bring the kids due to the space and there is always something going on to keep them interested.

Alfresco: You may not be outside as such when you are here but you may as well be due to the vastness of the space and large skylights that take up the majority of the roof.

Perfect for: The venue ticks a lot of boxes, but I particularly love bringing my kids here after a wee shopping trip in the city and showing them around the Barras before stopping in here for a drink and something to eat.

Avoid if: It makes you uncomfortable to even contemplate going anywhere except beyond safe city centre or west end establishments.

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