Kelvingrove Cafe

What is it - The original Kelvingrove cafe opened in 1896, serving the visitors from nearby Kelvingrove park. The Victorian ice-cream parlour went through many different guises before being reinvented in 2013 and instantly became one of Glasgow’s shining lights in the hospitality world. For me one of its main appeals when it opened was the design of the venue, it was and still is effortlessly cool in its aesthetic, with is original shabby frontage and signage to the interior decor of exposed brick walls, artwork, leather booths and with the beautiful bar the centre piece and engine of the venue. Known by its regulars as simply ‘The Cafe” it has adapted to the ever evolving Finnieston area and grown an even stronger following in its 5 years.

Interesting fact - in late nineteenth century Italy was a country that had been involved in wars of independence which say many Italians moving to Glasgow. These Italians quickly established their culture to Glasgow in the form of Ice-cream parlours and cafes. In Glasgow, police statistics show that in 1903 there were 89 ice cream shops in the city. A year later that number had nearly doubled, reaching 184, and by 1905 there were estimated to be 336 ice cream shops in the Glasgow area.

Verdict - Glasgow was in real need for a place like this when it opened in 2013. Edinburgh was overtaking Glasgow when it came to cool drink hangouts but The Cafe showed that the Weeggies could deliver a venue that could easily compete with any in the capital. The offering may have slightly changed over the years but the atmosphere and service hasn’t. They have some of the best staff in Glasgow working here

Drink - Some have Scotland’s best bartenders have worked here over the years. Its not just cocktails that they focus on though, great thought and detail has went into their drink offering from fortified wines to the wine. This is my go to place for drinks, mainly because i know the bar team will take care of me. I always start with classic Negroni, with Tanqueray Gin, sweet Vermouth and Campari.

Food - A much bigger focus has been applied to the food offering here over the last couple of years. They offer food all throughout the day and if you find yourself in the Finnieston area from 8am then get yourself inhere for one of the best breakfast in the city. I go for the French Toast, bacon and maple syrup for £7.50.

Prices - All the prices here inline with the booming Finnieston area.

Children - Kids welcome here if dining with adults.

Alfresco - At the moment it is just out on the busy Argyle street if you want some fresh air, however i believe there is a space out the back of the venue that the owners are trying to get their hands on for the summer months.

Perfect for - This is a great place to bring friends that have not been out in Glasgow before, yes we have some great pubs in Glasgow but The Cafe shows we also have way more to offer when it comes to food and drink.

Avoid if - Kind of hard to find reasons why you would like it here, possibly if the only places you go to drink offer cheap beer and a breakfast deal for £2.95.