What is it?

A smart padlock with three unlocking techniques to suit your needs.

Good Points?

The construction of the Tapplock One is designed with durability and anti-tampering in mind. It's made from a zinc alloy body with a reinforced stainless-steel shackle to provide maximum security.

Unlike the ye olde style padlock and key, this modern device is rust and waterproof meaning it can withstand the extreme Scottish weather without having to reach for a can of lubricant spray every five minutes.

There are three methods for opening the lock: fingerprint, Bluetooth from your smartphone and Morse code which is facilitated by long and short button presses on the power button. These options are more reliable and convenient than a key although you will have to recharge the battery at least once a year.

This technology makes it much easier to share access with trusted people and is performed via the accompanying smartphone application.

You simply assign access to your trusted contact and set an entry schedule which you can change at any time. This negates the need to have new keys cut, track where they are and who you gave them to.

Bad points?

The fingerprint reader can become temperamental when wet, similar to what happens with a smartphone. This will frustrate those looking for a seamless product.

Best for ...

Those tired of misbehaving lock and key combinations and who want an entry system they can audit.

Avoid if ...

All you want to protect is some spare plant pots and a few plastic sledges in the garden shed. An old school lock for a few quid will suffice.

Score: 9/10.

Tapplock One, £69.99 (amazon.co.uk)