LYING in the shelter and privacy of our hotel room terrace, listening to children's voices drifting up, belying the relative bedlam of the scene at the pool four floors below, we cloud spot, so far, a steaming tea pot, a twisted mermaid, a boy carrying a shaggy dog and a map of the whole world floating past in a fast flowing wind-swept drift.

This is blue sky day-dreaming – a real alternative to a hectic life back home. The Tenerife sun is blazing, tempered by the icy trade winds that are normal for this side of the island. It’s 5.30pm and still dangerously hot, well for any inexperienced sun-worshipper. Even after may years of trying to attain the perfect glowing tan, "penny caramel" is the closest I’ve come – perhaps the possibility of sun-kissed skin lies here.

We arrived in Tenerife three days ago and have settled into the hotel rhythm quite easily. Fully inclusive, if slightly sedate (even after three days) is how we have chosen to experience this hotel in Los Christianos. Breakfast beckons with the wonderful aroma of bacon. Organised dining, help yourself, and many take it as far as their plates will allow. The hotel staff are patient and friendly and the welcome is genuine.

Lunch is more of the same, and dinner is followed by children’s entertainment. Montse, the female guide from the kids' club is bilingual – "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" in Spanish, English and German. It's hardly necessary as most of the guests in our hotel are British, but the children (even if this is during school term) love her.

This could be any of the plethora of similar hotels in the area. Our two-storey rooms are modern, clean and bright –white walls and sliding wardrobes – and have a sea view, albeit a good half hour’s walk over and around an array of tall concrete and smaller, more traditional-style white buildings. We enjoy a good view of the port and watch the enormous cruise ships and cargo boats entering and leaving with a resounding blast of their horn. This area seems to be geared up for the British holidaymaker, shopping malls, soft play areas and in the evening the loud thump, thump from the bars and restaurants, although after 11pm the area is quiet, with only stragglers to be seen, making for home.

Tenerife has much more to offer. The largest of the Canary Islands, off the west coast of Africa, the island covers an area of 2,034 square kilometres and is the most populated of the Spanish islands. Its beautiful stretches of beach range from volcanic black to golden. At this time of year, the island enjoys up to 10 hours of sunshine each day, with an average temperature of around 22 degrees C – August reaches up to 29 degrees C.

Mount Teide, Tenerife’s tallest peak, is a dormant volcano and dominates the island. Guided tours to the peak by cable are

a popular expedition and well worth the effort. Take a jacket as it’s a bit nippy near the summit, while a popular hiking destination is the Unesco-listed Teide National Park, where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and breathtaking views.

There are waterparks, golf courses, art and history museums, caverns and caves to explore, concerts and events to experience, cruising and sailing, dolphin watching and many planned excursions on offer all year round, drawing visitors from all over Europe and further afield.

This is an island worth exploring and, if you’re planning a lazy holiday, the perfect place to take a nap on a sun lounger (out of the wind) and let your mind wander.

Paradise Park, Los Cristianos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife