Alan Findley(45) co-founder of Rebel Rebel, has gathered a host of awards in his 28 years as a barber.

“I was one of the first members of a barber art team for the National Hairdressers Federation,” he said “I then formed the Barbers of Modern Britain AKA B.O.M.B. SQAUD with my fellow founders James Bettie from Wales and Foxy from England. We’ve been invited to showcase our skills all over the UK and abroad and have recently been signed to launch our own product range and we’re developing our own art team within Rebel called the Rat Pack.”

As owner of Rebel Rebel, he’s also proud to have won many awards, including ‘Best Barbers 13’ 14’ 16’ and ‘Best Afro Hair Stylist 14’. Performing in barber shows comes easily to him, as it’s an extension of the skills he uses every day, along with the engaging manner which inspires his clients.  “They come from across the globe, young and old, and I’ve been lucky enough to have grown up with a lot of my clients and their families. The amazing thing about being a barber is the friendships you build over time. I love meeting new people and seeing them back in my chair time and time again.”

He also believes in being completely honest. “Use images to help explain what you want, don’t be afraid to say what you aim to achieve and don’t be offended if your barber tells you that it just won’t work but make sure they give you reasons for what they do” he said “We want to keep driving for more professional barbershops to open up. The competition out there is great and it’s what we need to keep us pushing our business. I’m always amazed when I meet someone who has clearly considered every detail of what they wear – so will happily spend £150 on a pair of trainers as part of that look – yet will opt for a £5 haircut. We offer a great service at a great price and I can guarantee you the best haircut you’ve ever had, which will keep you coming back every time. We’ve also got some amazing talent in Rebel who all impress me with how they’re developing in our industry and I want to keep inspiring young barbers to aim for excellence. “

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