What is it?

A smart heating control system with plenty of additional features and scalability.

With so many smart home products available, it can be difficult to construct a cohesive network of compatible systems.

After all, there is no point barking orders at Alexa to dim the lights only to then need to get up off the sofa moments later to manually adjust the heating thermostat.

Good Points?

Unlike other manufacturers Tado has opted for a subtle design for the components in the starter kit which include a wall-mounted thermostat to control temperature, a wireless bridge which connects the different elements together and an extension box enabling communication with your boiler.

All devices in the system have a small physical footprint and blend into white walls. The wireless bridge is the smallest such unit I have seen of any product; it looks like a lipstick case and can be hidden almost anywhere.

Tado has included all the usual trappings such as remote and voice controllability, easy setup, simple usage, baseline temperatures and schedules.

Advanced features include proximity and zonal settings which allow the system to determine if there is anyone home or not. This means the thermostat can keep the house cool saving money and only kick in when you need it.

Bad points?

Very few grumbles. The Tado Smart Thermostat is said to work with 95% of heating systems so be sure to check yours is compatible.

Best for ...

Those who want added control of their homes and to save up to a third on heating costs.

Avoid if ...

Getting up to adjust the thermostat is the only exercise you get.

Score: 9/10.

Tado Smart Thermostat starter kit for homes, £268 (reichelt.co.uk)