What is it?

A pair of truly wireless earphones from Urbanista.

Good Points?

Urbanista is known for sleek and minimalist design with the Tokyo earphones no exception.

The entire outer side-walls on each act as one large button which allows for easy operation and for a reduction in overall weight making them extremely light.

Sound leans quite heavily toward bass and brilliantly showcases anything with a banging beat or drum solo meaning fans of dance and heavy rock won't be disappointed.

The built-in microphone works exceptionally well and allows hassle free call communication without any drop-outs.

Three-hour playtime means you can distract yourself during the duration of most journeys without having to recharge.

A handy charging case requires one-hour charge time and you can get up to three charges from it.

Bad points?

Unlike the Avanca Minim earbuds charging case, Urbanista has opted not to include magnetic contact charging pins. This means to have to be spot on when placing them back in the case.

The Tokyo model is also let down by a lack of skip or volume controls which means you'll be reaching for your music player time and again. Being more modestly priced also means there is no NFC support or latency reducing codecs.

Best for ...

Those looking purely for great sound over fancy features and that won't break the bank.

Avoid if ...

You're looking for more from your purchase such as comprehensive controls and the latest connection technologies. The heavy bass won't suit everyone, especially those who enjoy more vocally dominated music.

Score: 7/10.

Urbanista Tokyo Wireless Earphones, £99 (uk.urbanista.com)