Wagyu on the BBQ with Wagyu Roasted Wedges by Highland Wagyu 

Highland Wagyu was born in 2011. We imported the Wagyu genetics as embryos and implanted them into our native breed cattle creating a miracle for the palette. We feed the cattle slowly and mature them over a 36 to 48 month period thus creating a marbled steak with a buttery texture.

Highland Wagyu prides itself in traceability with a true nose to tail philosophy. In 2016 we decided to open Wagyu House, our retail and mail order arm. The Wagyu Burger Company came soon after and this year saw the launch of The Grill by HW in Bridge of Allan, a stone’s throw from where the Wagyu are born, bred and fed.  

For Mohsin and Martine, Highland Wagyu is not just a product but a way of life for the family and community. 

Highland Wagyu born, bred and fed in Scotland.
For more information visit: www.wagyu.co.uk

Ingredients: Serves 6 -8 
2 kg Wagyu Ribeye, Sirloin or Skirt
A handful of Charcoal 
Wagyu fat 

1 Our favourite side with a Wagyu steak is oven-roasted potato wedges in gourmet Wagyu fat. 
2 Preheat the oven to 200°C.
3 Cut the potatoes into thick wedges and season with salt, pepper and paprika.
4 Add a dollop of gourmet Wagyu fat to the baking tray and pop into the oven until it has melted. This should only take 30 seconds. 
5 Place the wedges in the tray and baste in the Wagyu fat. 
6 Put them back in oven for around 50 minutes, turning halfway so they’re evenly coloured and crunchy.
7 We believe that the best way to cook our wagyu is on a BBQ or chargrilled.
8 Don’t over fill your BBQ with charcoal. It’s best to only fill the BBQ up by a third to prevent the it from becoming too hot.
9 Once your BBQ heat has stabilised and you have an internal heat of between 150°C and 170°C, you are ready to go.
10 Lie your raw beef directly above the charcoal so the inter-muscular marbled fat drips on the coals, creating a flame which will in turn start to form a char on the beef.
11 Once your beef is sealed, put it above the area without charcoal so it can cook on residual heat.
12 Leave for approximately 20 minutes and probe until the internal temperature is between 54°C and 57°C. The steak will be medium to medium rare. 
13 Take out to rest for 10 to 15 minutes, slice against the grain and enjoy.

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