What is it?

An air quality and pollutant monitor.

The air we breathe while indoors can be up to 10 times as polluted as that outdoors due to cooking residue, paints, varnishes and fungal spores (which is why your granny was always coaxing you to "get outside for some fresh air").

The Foobot Air Quality Monitor measures and tracks that environment in real time.

Good Points?

Set up and configuration is simple and took less than two minutes to complete with the downloadable smartphone app.

The device communicates through your WiFi network and allows you to monitor air quality data from inside your home wherever you may be.

There are four metrics monitored by the device sensors: volatile organic compounds (these are found in cleaning products and can be toxic); particulate matter (such as dust and pollen which can trigger allergies); humidity (potentially harmful if too wet or dry); and temperature (fundamental for overall comfort).

The application gives advice based on these results which can help prevent potential respiratory issues and other longer-term effects caused by poor air quality.

This device can also be combined with smart home integration systems such as Nest.

Bad points?

The information provided is adequate for most homes, but I would love to see more statistics tied into local events, such as fire incidents.

Best for ...

Anyone concerned about health issues associated with poor air quality, including households with allergy or asthma sufferers, young children and the elderly, and those striving for overall better wellbeing.

Avoid if ...

The thought of using yet another app makes you want to throw your smartphone out a window.

Score: 9/10.

Foobot Air Quality Monitor, from £170 (foobot.io and amazon.co.uk)