What is it?

A smart activity monitor wristband.

Good Points?

Ticking all the boxes of a budget activity tracker, the Geonaute by Decathlon ONCoach 100 is designed for measuring everyday activities such as walking and running. It provides the time, counts steps, measures distance travelled and calories expended.

The device will also monitor your sleep phases and the total time spent in each – something which can be difficult to ascertain for non-heart rate-based products, but the ONCoach 100 handles this remarkably well.

Its silicone wristband feels light and gentle on the skin as comfort is vital for an activity tracker that is typically worn for extended periods of time.

The accompanying smartphone app brings all the data together and displays it in a manner that is easy to understand and navigate.

A standard CR2032 watch battery is used power the device and will last up to six months which negates the need to plug in and charge every other day.

Bad points?

Its multi-sport mode can be a bit hit and miss depending on your specific activity as the gadget is primarily aimed at activity that can be easily quantified by distance.

The ONCoach 100 is not suitable for swimming activities as it's water-resistant only and can't be submerged.

Best for ...

Those who best motivate themselves by setting goals and enjoy tracking their progress. This will also appeal due to its functional design and low cost.

Avoid if ...

You require more accuracy in measurements that only a heart rate monitor can provide as exertion rate can be more estimated than true here.

Score: 8/10.

Geonaute by Decathlon ONCoach 100, £11.99 (decathlon.co.uk)