What is it?

A bicycle lighting system with advanced features to keep you visible on the road.

Good Points?

Front and rear lights attach magnetically to docks mounted on the handle bar and seat post. This allows for easy transfer to different bikes or simply stowing them away when locking your trusty steed up to prevent theft.

To further aid communication between road users, the lights double as indicators which are controlled via a small wireless controller on the handlebar. This also improves rider safety as there's less need to remove hands for prolonged periods when manually signalling your intentions of moving.

A built-in accelerometer monitors movement and recognises the braking motion which in turn illuminates the rear braking light and informs those behind you. Further visibility is provided by a laser projecting a small perimeter around you to remind drivers of your personal space.

Usage time is more than adequate due to the 3200mAh capacity battery which can last two weeks based on riding two hours per day. The system also initiates a blinking alert to warn the user of a low battery.

Bad points?

The lights offer visibility through surface area rather than brightness with 100 lumens front and 30 lumens at the back.

Best for ...

Those who want a one stop shop to bicycle road safety instead of having multiple gadgets to install and charge.

Avoid if ...

You class yourself as a weight weenie and see any extra grams added to your bike as unnecessary energy expenditure.

Score: 9/10.

Blinkers Smart Lighting System, £89 (blinkers.bike)