What is it?

A nifty cordless vacuum cleaner for use on glass and other surfaces such as tiles and mirrors.

Good Points?

Design has been well thought out as the nature of this product means that it will be held at shoulder height or above so it's important to minimise weight and bulk. The unit is 20 centimetres (eight inches) in length and weighs in at 0.7kg (1.54lbs) so is certainly manageable when moving from room to room with its 30-minute runtime.

The GlassVac features Bosch's innovative automotive wiper-blade technology which glides effortlessly across surfaces due to a special polymer coating that reduces friction. A focused contact of this type eliminates streaks and squeaking noise while aiding cleaning which works well even on curved surfaces such as car windscreens.

All vacuums live or die on their suction power and this device lacks little in this department. Some glass suckers fail around surface edges but the GlassVac gathers up every last drop so there are no annoying drips and smears to ruin the finish.

A saturated market often forces manufacturers to offer more and Bosch have duly obliged with a plethora of attachments that can clean, suck and polish most interior and exterior tiles, glass and mirrors. This versatility extends to removing spillages of up to 250ml.

Bad points?

There is little to gripe about as it does what it says on the tin.

Best for ...

Those who like surfaces to sparkle indoors and outdoors.

Avoid if ...

You have elevated or high windows as this device is purely handheld and can't be extended.

Score: 9/10.

Bosch GlassVac, £79.99 (bosch-do-it.com/gb)