What is it?

A smart soundbar with integrated television streamer and voice controls.

Netgem have recognised a need to declutter living spaces by combining an audio speaker and entertainment streaming box in one unit. The addition of an Alexa supported voice control system aids minimalist design by reducing cables and excess accessories.

Good Points?

The design of the bar is sturdy but compact and what it lacks in slick looks is made up for by its many features. The plastic surface is covered by a traditional speaker fabric with a small portion on the rear exposed where the connection ports are housed. Audio is sharp with even the heaviest bass being controlled and easy on the ears.

This soundbar is intended to be placed on a flat surface in front of a TV rather than being clipped on or mounted. This allows the unit to be moved easily from room to room without any hassle.

The ClearVoice Technology for Crystal Clear Dialogues (yup, that's a mouthful) works perfectly with Alexa which is especially great if you lose the remote control or it runs out of batteries. You can simply speak to Alexa and ask for the soundbar to play your favourite show.

The HD streaming quality is impressive and although there are limited channels they are presented nicely on an intuitive user interface.

Bad points?

The lack of content from online streaming giants such as Netflix and YouTube are surprising and will alienate a large section of potential consumers.

Best for …

Those who want all the latest technology they can without compromising precious living space.

Avoid if ...

You have become addicted to Netflix shows like Power and Better Call Saul as you'll be disappointed.

Score: 7/10.

Netgem Soundbox HD, £249 (amazon.co.uk)