What is it?

A grooming aid designed to both trim and shave with a single electric blade.

For those of us with sensitive skin, the thought of shaving every day is horrific. Cold metal scraping the skin until it's red and sore followed by dryness that feels like someone is stretching your flesh and then setting it on fire.

Philips have designed the OneBlade to avoid the above scenario by limiting direct contact with the skin. This results in a slightly less clean shave but exponentially reduces irritation.

Good Points?

Traditional razors have the contact blade at the bottom edge to perform a pulling action, but Philips have decided to place cutting edges at the top edge too. This allows for an up and down motion which reduces the time needed to perform a shave thus minimising discomfort.

This coupled with the oscillating head cutter that guides hair onto the contact points further reduce friction and eliminate painful hair pulling and catching.

Three supplied guard combs (1mm), (3mm) and (5mm) distance the blade even further from the skin which is perfect for those who don't mind some stubble for the sake of pain-free mornings.

Bad points?

The battery doesn't last particularly long with 45 minutes of use from 8 hours of charge.

Best for …

Those who travel regularly and need to look their best on the road. The device weighs 100 grams with battery which is not much more than a conventional razor blade.

Avoid if ...

You require a super close shave in your daily life.

Score: 8/10.

Philips OneBlade, £39.99 (Philips.co.uk)