In this recipe I have used feta, as it’s a personal favourite of mine, if its not yours, you can substitute it with a brie, comté or camembert, either one would make a tasty salad – not just for summer!!


1 feta cheese

2 – 3 shallots

1 pkt chives

100ml vinaigrette

1 punnet cherry tomatoes

4 – 6 artichokes

handful of broadbeans

1 pkt mixed salad leaves

4 tbsp balsamic vinegar.


Dice up the feta cheese evenly, peel, chop the shallots finely. Cut the cherry toamtoes into quarters if big, in half if small. Cut the artichoke into even sized pieces.

Blanche the broadbeans in boiling salted water, refresh in iced salted water once cooked, then once cooked pop the bean out of their skins.

Pick, wash and dry salad leaves.

Put the feta into a bowl, adding the chopped shallots, chives, little vinaigrette and mix gently.

Dressing the Plate

Put the feta mix onto the plate spread out. Mix the artichokes, tomatoes and broadbeans with a little vinaigrette, then put ove the feta salad. Add the smallest amount of vinaigrette to the salad leaves and place on top in the middle of the plate, drizzle balsamic glaze over and around

Happy Eating!

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