What is it?

A feature-rich and ergonomically designed Bluetooth stylus.

Scriba has gone to great lengths to produce a pen that transcends the predictable and humdrum nature of traditional input devices. Their research has resulted in a truly multi-functional tool that will aid most design projects.

It is the brainchild of Giffnock-born David Craig, the architect behind high-profile projects including the Glasgow Science Centre and competition-winning design for the U2 Tower in Dublin.

Good Points?

The design is akin to a work of art with a neat, rippled flexible finger rest protruding from the top side of the stylus. This performs a vital function which allows the user to squeeze the flexible body with various degrees of pressure which corresponds to output line thickness.

Scriba describe this as "squeeze motion" technology which can also be utilised to trigger your mobile camera or control digital presentation slide flow.

The stylus incorporates tactile feedback of your actions to alert and inform you through gentle vibrations. This is useful as it lets you know the device is complying with your intentions.

A stated battery life of around 200 hours means you can just get on with the job at hand without worrying about charging it every other day.

Bad points?

The metal screw cap protecting its mini USB charging port often requires an additional tool to open such as a coin. This seems like an unnecessary step, but time will tell if this increases the product's longevity.

Best for ...

Any creative types looking to further enhance their design projects in a more efficient and pleasurable way.

Avoid if ...

You'd rather keep a Dark Ages-style hard copy archive of notepads squirrelled away in the loft.

Score: 9/10.

Scriba, £60 (getscriba.com)