It’s that time again – Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for buying a TV, with more fantastic discounts and deals than you can shake a stick at. Every November, shoppers pile into the stores to try and nab that dream deal on a top of the range TV set.

We’re here to help, with all the recommendations, tips and tricks that you need to find the best TV deals this Black Friday – we’ve even thrown in some handy links to point you straight to where you can find discounts on the big day.

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What is Black Friday?

Started as a day of discounts to boost sales following the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, Black Friday has grown to be one of the biggest days of deals in the world – including right here in the UK.

This year Black Friday is set to fall on the 23rd of November and we’re expecting to see more of the same massive sales that we’ve been seeing since the event first started in the UK. With lots of stores set to take part, you’re sure to find some great deals on TVs out there.

What Black Friday television deals should I look out for?

HeraldScotland: Television deals. Photography by Siniz Kim on UnsplashTelevision deals. Photography by Siniz Kim on Unsplash

Choosing the right TV in the middle of the Black Friday chaos can be a little overwhelming – luckily, we’re here to give you an idea of what deals you should keep an eye out for.
Smart TVs – Most new TVs are “smart” these days, with many having inbuilt internet integration and apps like Netflix and YouTube, so try not to be swayed by advertising that bigs this up as a feature of a particular telly.

If you’re choosing a smart TV and plan to use its in-built apps for streaming, we recommend sticking with the bigger name brands like Samsung, LG and Sony, since these will tend to get better support and updates.

4K – With a picture that is twice as good as standard HD TVs, 4K televisions are the current high standard and the best choice if you’re looking for a future-proof telly. Typically a fair bit more expensive than other TVs, Black Friday is a fantastic chance to pick up a 4K TV for less than you’d usually pay.

Soundbars – You may have noticed that super thin modern TVs tend to have lower sound quality than the older boxy telly’s – this is because there’s less space to fit high quality audio into the thin designs. Sound bars are a way to have the best of both worlds and are an essential if you want the best viewing experience.

Usually you can pick up a fairly decent soundbar for under £50, with better quality kits including sub-woofers fetching a higher price. Soundbars are normally included in the sales on Black Friday, so it can be a great idea to pick up a high-quality kit without the high price point.

HDR – Standing for High Dynamic Range, HDR TVs can display more vibrant colours and deeper blacks, making for an all-round better experience. If you truly want to pick up the best of the best, then a 4K TV with HDR is the way to go this Black Friday – especially if you’re a gamer.

What stores should I keep an eye on for Black Friday television deals?

Since TVs are one of the biggest sellers of Black Friday, there’s no shortage of stores selling them at great prices. Here are some of our recommendation of the ones to watch:

  • Curry’s* – As one of the biggest electrical retailers in the UK you can be sure that Currys are going to have plenty of deals on TVs this Black Friday. Last year their deals included discounts on a 49” 4K HDR LG telly, so there should be similar savings on high-end TVs in 2018.
  • Apple* – Rather than a full TV, Apple have entered the TV market place with the Apple TV device, a box which can turn any telly into a fully functional smart TV. If you already use a lot of Apple products, the Apple TV is a great way to consolidate all your devices together.

    In 2017 Apple ran discounts on their latest devices, so we can expect to see the new 4K Apple TV included in the sales this year.

  • Appliances Direct* – Offering discounts on a huge variety of TVs – including the latest 4K and HDR sets – Appliances Direct is sure to have some substantial savings on offer this year. The savings even reach into their finance options, so you could pay less while paying off your TV each month.
  • Tesco* – Since Tesco have closed their online Tesco Direct store, we won’t be seeing any online sales of TVs this year – but they’ll still be having plenty of offers in their stores themselves. Before heading in to the shop, be sure to check what’s on offer here*.
  • John Lewis* – In 2017 John Lewis had deals on high-spec 4K TVs as well as plug-in devices like the Amazon Fire stick, so we can expect to see the same variety of products on offer in 2018 too. Keep your eyes especially peeled for OLED or QLED TVs if you want to have an even better viewing experience.

Black Friday top tip: What’s the difference between OLED and QLED?
HeraldScotland: OLED vs QLED. Photography by Loewe Technologies on UnsplashOLED vs QLED. Photography by Loewe Technologies on Unsplash

While looking at TVs this Black Friday you’re likely to see a lot of talk about OLED and QLED TVs, but what exactly is the difference?

To break it down very simply, OLED TVs use new technology in its LEDs to avoid the need for a backlight in the TV – this allows for lighter and thinner TVs, which also have a deeper blacks and better colours. QLED TVs approximate a similar result by using very high densities of LEDs to create a better picture.

OLED TVs tend to provide a better overall viewing experience and are less bulky, but they’re also more expensive, so it comes down to how much you’re looking to spend.

If you’ve been waiting to buy a new TV for some time, Black Friday might be the opportunity to pick up a good OLED TV for the price you would usually pay for a QLED.

How do I know what TV to buy on Black Friday?

Do your research in advance!

It can be tempting to jump on a TV that seems to offer high-quality at a deep discount, but unless you’ve done your research beforehand, it can be hard to tell at a glance. We recommend finding a few TVs that you would like to buy in advance, and then look for those particular sets on Black Friday.

We hope you now have a better idea of just what to look for in TVs on Black Friday, including the difference between the technology. Just remember to visit this page* to find the latest offers on the big day.

Have fun and we hope you find the perfect TV.

**offers correct as of 08/11/18