Kin, 1 Barony Street, Edinburgh

What is it - Kin has been opened for just over a year and in that time has grown a loyal following of both bartenders and people with any interested in great service and tasty drinks. It has been the hard work of local award-winning bartenders Sam Baxendale and Jody Buchan who from develop-ing amazing drinks to even rewiring the electrics have created a sanctuary of first-class hospitality and delicious libations in a cosy basement in Edinburgh’s Barony Street. Their ethos is simple “let the door shut behind you and leave the outside world on the other side. Kin is a place to sit back, relax and let our little team do what we can, to make you comfortable”

Interesting fact - At the recent Scottish Licensed Trade Awards which is held in Glasgow, Kin walked away with a couple of awards. Jody won the title of Mixologist of the Year while Jody and Sam both won Craft Spirits Enthusiast’ of the year. These titles are testament to the boys hard work over the last year to work harder and shout louder than everyone else. The fact that they have only recently taken on a member of staff shows how much they have worked to make their wee bar a success.

Verdict - It’s only really been in the last twelve years that you have started to see these types of bars popping up around the UK. Bars owned and ran by bartenders, before you have some investor or company telling these creative types what t do in their offering. Bars like Bramble, Bon Vivant and now Kin are driven by more than just making a healthy profit, there are driven by giving their guests first class service and introducing them to new drinks and food. Kin is a welcome addition to the already buoyant Edinburgh drinking scene.

Drink - I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek and taste of the new menu launching soon. Using innovative methods and ingredients, it’s not just for the sake of it, their single aim is to make "bangin' drinks”. The Mother Superior - one of the draught cocktails, has Smokey Monkey Shoulder whisky, vanilla charcoal, citrus, smoke and oak; it tastes like the best whisky & cream soda you've ever had. Don’t worry though if you're not into cocktails, this is still a great bar to hang out for a few beers and a couple of drams as well.

Food - If you are starving then you can visit the restaurant upstairs but in the meantime Kin other some great bar snacks to keep you going. The make them all in-house including pickles, baked and dried snacks which a made to be a healthier and vegan-friendly option to the regular salted nuts and a pack of salt and vinegar. Another nice touch is during the cold months they even give guests a takeaway soup for their journey home.

Prices - A night out in Kin won’t break the bank.

Children - Only the grown-ups allowed here, which for some people is a bonus.

Alfresco - You will have to head back up the basement stairs for some fresh air, but I don’t see why you would when it’s so much fun down there.

Perfect for - I can imagine taking someone on a first date here would be a good bet but at the same time heading down early to grab a corner with friends after work would equally result in a top night.

Avoid if - You prefer loads of natural light and a beer garden in your drinking establishments