A Seafood Celebration by Roy Brett of Ondine

As we get ready to celebrate the turn of the New Year, I cannot think of a more fitting dish than this shellfish platter to share with someone special. The flavour combination is like no other and it is still one the most popular dishes on the menu at Ondine. It’s a seafood-lovers dream with a mouth-watering selection of the very best shellfish. This recipe is a real showcase of the best produce that we have in our seas and shorelines around Scotland. Cooking the shellfish simply with just a few herbs and some seasoning helps to highlight the incredible, delicate flavour.

To enjoy this properly, you need to get stuck into the platter with your hands! Roll up your sleeves and forget all the pomp and ceremony. I find it’s the one dish that draws conversation, as it’s a hands-on experience and very engaging. It’s definitely a meal to remember, as it’s very atmospheric and above all, fun! Make sure you’ve got the music on as you cook and a glass of your favourite wine or fizz. If you want to share the experience as a group, you can easily cater for more people by simply increasing the quantities of the ingredients.

As always, at this particular time of the year, we raise a glass to our brave fishing fleet and wish them safe landings in the toughest and most dangerous seas of the year. We salute you and thank you for providing us with world-class fish and shellfish throughout the year.

We’ll be serving this dish alongside the rest of our menu at Ondine this Hogmanay. It’s the season to get together with friends and family and mark another fantastic year with great food and laughter. For more information about Ondine or to book your table, visit https://www.ondinerestaurant.co.uk/.

Hot Shellfish Platter

Serves 2


250g Tobermory langoustines

200g blue shell Shetland mussels

4 Argyll razor clams

1 native Eyemouth lobster

250g surf clams

1 native Mull brown crab

4 hand-dived scallops

2 banana shallots, diced

½ bunch chervil, chopped

1 pinch tarragon, chopped

100g unsalted butter

100ml champagne

50ml olive oil

Sea salt and pepper for seasoning


To prepare the seafood:

1. First, make sure all of the mussels, crabs and clams are washed well.

2. To prepare the scallops, simply hold them tightly in a cloth and click the shell slightly open and then run your knife along the top of the shell. Discard the filters, rinse them well and then set aside.

3. For the lobster, hold it down on the work surface and then bring the knife quickly through the head. This will kill the lobster instantly. Cut all the way down the body to half the lobster. Tear off the claws and crack them open. Remove all of the digestive tracks and the gristle from the head and then set aside.

4. Prepare the langoustines in the same way as the lobster.

5. Next, prepare the crab. Hold the crab down on its back shell and insert the knife through the head. Cut through the centre of the crab, dislocating the legs. Steam the crab for 8 minutes and then refresh it over ice. Prize the shell open by pressing on the claws. Discard the filters and the gristle and then split the body in half. Crack the claws then set aside.

To cook the seafood:

1. Brush all the seafood with olive oil and seasoning. Heat up two large frying pans. Brush the pans with a little oil and a knob of butter.

2. Add all of the large shellfish to the pan, flesh side down and caramelise before turning over.

3. In a separate pan, heat up a little oil adding the shallots and cook without colouring. Add the mussels, cockles, razor clams and surf clams to the pan.

4. Pour over the champagne and cover for 30 seconds until the shells just open.

5. Take the razor clams and clean out the stomach then return to the pan with the other shellfish.

6. Once all the shellfish have opened, assemble all the shells on the serving plate.

7. Reduce the cooking liquor from both pans and whisk in the remaining butter and the chopped herbs. Check the seasoning and adjust as desired.

8. Pour the champagne, herb and butter sauce over the shellfish to finish and serve immediately, preferably with a glass of champagne!