The Singleton Single Malt

Dufftown, Glen Ord and Glendullan Distilleries


History - The Singleton single malt is a bit of a rule breaker in the Scotch world. Technically it has three homes where it takes its whiskies from. Dufftown distillery a large and famous distillery located in the heart of Speyside; Glen Ord distillery, one of the countries oldest and the only remaining on The Black Isles in The Highlands; and finally, Glendulla distillery also located in the heart of Speyside. These distilleries have all been chosen for their specific flavour profiles all showcased under The Singleton single malt brand. The Singleton range was launched in 2006, starting with Glen Ord, followed by Glendullan and Dufftown 12 months later. The brand’s success led to a significant expansion at Glen Ord in 2014. These releases were crafted for specific markets, but in the last year they have taken on a more global approach because of its success.

The Whisky – They have designed this whisky to be an accessible single malt packed with flavours from the distillers they come from. Because of its nature, there are different flavour profiles found in all their expressions from the nutty cereal notes of Dufftown’s, the fresh orchard fruits of Glendullan, to the Glen Ord’s dark berries notes. There is something here for everybody, and finally, we have a single malt that actively promotes that you can mix it if you feel the need. The Highball is the serve they would love for you to try with its whiskies, which is a simple combination of whisky and soda over ice which has been the drink of choice for whisky lovers in Japan.

Favourite Dram - You will be able to spot Singleton in a shop or bar shelf due to its distinctive bottle and will be able to differentiate them by the colours on the label. If I had to choose a favourite, then I’d go for The Singleton Glen Ord 15 year old. This single malt is a great all-rounder and a perfect gift for someone who is just getting into their whisky.

Geek Fact - Singelton's owner, Diageo, has released Game of Thrones inspired blends such as Johnnie Walker White Walker based around the storylines and locations in the cult TV series. The Singleton of Glendullan Game Of Thrones Edition is a Speyside single malt, representing House Tully and showcasing its leaping fish sigil.

Why Visit? – Glen Ord is the only distillery from the three that you can visit. While it may be overlooked in favour for better-known distilleries in Speyside, it is well worth heading along if you are in the area. It still holds onto some of its original methods and is one of only a handful of Scotch distilleries that still possesses on-site maltings.

Interesting Fact - The Singleton is the fastest growing Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the world for Diageo (the world’s largest spirit company). According to The Scotch Whisky Association, single malt Scotch whisky exports continued to grow by 14.2% in 2017 to £1.17 billion, with The Singleton on the crest of that wave.