There’s a chance that Albarino will be the great white wine hope of the future. It’s quite trendy, very tasty and there are some fine and affordable examples in your local wine merchants, restaurants and supermarkets. It hails from the Rias Baixas region in Galicia in North Western Spain and it’s one of the best things on the planet to go with seafood. Or a nice Thai green curry. It’s really quite versatile.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also go big and pair a glass with grilled octopus or mouclade. Try this and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Galicia is one of the lushest vine growing regions in Spain, with a greener vegetation than you’ll find in Rioja, Jerez, Penedes or Ribera del Duero. This creates a slightly longer hang-time (the length of time that the grapes are on the vine) than anywhere else in the country and, as a result, you get a different style of wine. The style is light, fresh, aromatic and delicious. It’s not dissimilar to a really nice, well-made Viognier but it tends to be better value than its French cousins.

You’ll normally find an Albarino near the top of the wine list when you’re treating yourself to a nice meal in your favourite restaurant. The second or third wine (from the top) on the list will often be the most interesting bottle, and can also be very good value depending on who has put the list together. Some forward thinking merchants will provide you with a left-field choice at a great price to tweak your interest and educate your palate.

Here a couple to seek out this weekend…

Definition Albarino 2017 (Majestic, £11.99). This is a delicious bottle, and a great introduction to the grape. Try it with a creamy fish stew. It’s also available in a magnum (two bottle equivalent size) at £22.99…you just have to provide the guests.

Bodega Castro Martin Albarino 2017 (M&S, £13.50). With this lovely bottle, winemaker Angela Martin uses minimal intervention techniques to make a particularly fresh style of Albarino. This is the perfect partner to go with a nice prawn curry. Cheers!