The lighter nights are well on their way now and you can really see plants beginning to burst forth from their winter dormancy.

Some jobs for the garden this week;

• Pruning Roses – In Scotland it is always best to leave pruning until early to mid-March. If you prune them too early the wet weather and frost can get into the stem and cause ‘die back’ – in severe cases this can kill your plants . . . so now is the time to do it! When pruning roses cut to an outward facing bud to encourage the plant to grow wider. When cutting the stem, ensure that the cuts slop downwards away from the bud to shed the water off.

• If you have not done so already, it is still a good time to lift and divide large clumps of herbaceous . . . by doing this you will encourage them to reinvigorate their root growth and you will get better plant growth and more flowers in the summer months.

• At this time of the year it is always good to hoe the soil and mulch early weeds to keep them under control.


Conifers are a bit out of fashion at the moment, however the plant I have chosen as our plant of the week is an amazing Dwarf Pine – pinus carsterns ‘Winter Gold’.

Looking at its best at the moment, this beautiful compact variety of pine turns an amazing bright gold colour between October and April. Its maximum height and spread is around 2ft and it can grow happily in most soil conditions. It is completely hardy and is an excellent addition to a mixed border or looks great as a feature plant in a heather or alpine garden.