Thank heaven’s spring has arrived!

I suffer from ‘SAD’, Seasonal Light Disorder. Suffer is a bit of an exaggeration but I definitely feel a dullness, increased tiredness and an unhelpful appetite for heavy meals, cakes and chocolates in the dark winter months. The middle of February is my lowest point.

So off to Rome, and, after two days of attempting to eat everything in sight I happily settle into a routine of enjoying this delightful vegan salad with a deliciously chilled glass of Frascati, leaving plenty of energy for a gentle stroll back to the hotel and a well-earned siesta.

Not ‘SAD’ anymore!

Roman Vegan Spring Salad

fresh organic lettuce leaves, Cos, Little Gem, Frisse


fresh herbs, rocket, chervil, parsley, mint

flesh of half an avocado, chopped

half a green apple, cut into matchsticks

4-5 radishes, sliced thinly

1 teaspoon goji berries

extra virgin olive oil

a splash of cider vinegar

sea salt

The trick of this salad is to make sure all the ingredients are as fresh as possible.

Lettuce : Store whole heads of organic lettuce and radicchio in the salad drawer of the fridge and take off some of each as you make each fresh salad. About 6-8 leaves of each.

Radicchio : Many people don’t like the bitter taste of radicchio but it is really worth getting used to. It is high in potassium and promotes insulin control and weight management. Treat it as a bitter herb and add a few leaves torn into the salad.

Fresh Herbs: Do grow small pots of herbs in your garden or window ledge. Pick them as you need them . Use Used in salads they give a bright addition of flavour to every mouthful.

Avocado: One of the top healthiest foods and is packed with vitamins and cholesterol lowering fats. As you toss it in the salad the soft flesh mixes with the olive oil to create an instant dressing.

Green apple and Radish : thin matchstick slices of crisp green apple add a crunch and sweetness. The slices of radish add a kick of pepper.

Goji berries : the new super-berry used in Chinese cuisine particularly to balance insulin and vitamins. They pack a punch so a teaspoon is ample.

WASH the salad leaves, chopped radicchio and herb leaves in cold water. Steep in iced water for 10 minutes or so to crisp them. Drain and dry.

Mix the avocado, apple, radish slices and goji berries in a wide bowl with the salad leaves.

Drizzle with olive oil.

Add a scant sprinkling of sea salt.

Toss everything together and eat while fresh.