What is it?

A smart handheld cordless vacuum cleaner.

It's no longer necessary to grapple with hefty cabled vacuums that require the strength of a spinach-fuelled Popeye to manoeuvre.

The Roidmi F8 Storm boasts a raft of excellent features at a fraction of the cost to comparative rival models.

Good Points?

One of the main downfalls of cordless vacuums in the past has come from poor battery life which can dwindle as quickly as 15 minutes. The Chinese-made F8 Storm has a powerful battery that allows the unit to run for close to an hour on a single charge.

Suction power is not traded for longevity as the motor generates 115 watts which can remove marbles and Lego from floor crevices using the two power settings.

It is lightweight at 2.5kg (5.5lbs) and incorporates a four-layer filtration system which traps hair, dust, allergens and dirt to help boost the air quality in your home. This technology is rare even in more expensive competitors.

Other nice touches include LED lights that sense dimming light, an accompanying app which tracks filter wear and even provides an additional medium power setting.

Bad points?

A European two-pronged power input connection adapter was needed to charge the device on the model I tested and is not included.

Best for ...

Those who want all the style and functionality of a high-quality cordless vacuum cleaner without emptying their bank accounts to do so.

Avoid if ...

The prospect of frequent trips to the bin to empty the compact 0.6L capacity dust collector fills you with dread.

Score: 9/10.

Roidmi F8 Storm, £299 (amazon.co.uk and roidmieurope.com)