There for you through good times and bad; your dad was probably the one to buy you your first football, pick you up from your very first party and teach you the most valuable life lessons.    


After everything your dad has done for you over the years, we can all agree that Dad deserves a great gift this Father’s Day.  Get ready to impress your old man with these top gift ideas.  


Shopping for dads can be difficult.  Trust us, we know.  But there’s no need to worry, that’s where we come in.  We’ve rounded up our top gift ideas for every type of dad, so there’s a little something in here for everyone. 


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When is Father’s Day? 

If you’re the forgetful type, then we’re here to remind you that Father’s Day is right around the corner.  It’s now close enough that it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your dad.  Plus, you still have plenty of time to plan a fantastic surprise.  This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday 16th June and we’re here to help you on your present hunt with our top gift picks. 



For the fitness fanatic

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Does your dad spend a lot of time in the gym? Is he the type to lecture you on the difference between creatine and caseine? 


If you’re looking to score some premium quality supplements at competitive prices for Father’s Day, look no further than SAS Nutrition. Offering a variety of supplements tailored to all possible goals. From testosterone boosters and fat burners to joint support and creatine. Many of these supplements are used by their sponsored athletes who compete in regional and national events such as “Scotlands Strongest Man” 


Picky with flavours when it comes to protein shakes? Tired of the same old chocolate or strawberry? They offer vanilla, toffee, banana & even banoffee! Happy with your current protein of choice but looking for a boost in recovery? Enjoy isotonic amino-acid drinks coming in flavours such as kola kube, blue raspberry and fruit punch. 


HeraldScotland: credit: SAS Nutritioncredit: SAS Nutrition


Is it time to upgrade your dad to a Smartwatch? 

Any fitness-loving dad will love a smartwatch as a present.  He’ll easily be able to keep track of his fitness levels and gains with a sleek Fitbit Versa.  This stylish smartwatch works even harder than everyday fitness trackers and offers exciting features such as phone-free music and wallet-free payments, and even a selection of on-screen workouts.  It will be incredibly difficult to outshine this fitness present next year! 


For the tech fan 

If your dad can typically be found glued to the latest tech gadget or loves nothing more than tinkering with the latest Apple release, then these tech-inspired gifts could be the perfect choice for him. 


Portable Charger from Qi Power Surge - £14.99    

HeraldScotland: credit: Qi PowerSurgecredit: Qi PowerSurge

Is your dad forever losing charge?  This handy portable charger is the perfect gift to ensure he can give his tech gadgets a much-needed boost whilst out on the go.  With three separate USB ports, all of his gadgets can be charged at once.  Compatible with laptops, cameras, the Samsung Galaxy range and the iPhone 6 and above, this handy power bank is bound to delight your dad on Father’s Day.   


Introduce your dad to Alexa Amazon Alexa - £69.99 

Get ready to think of Alexa as his new personal assistant.  Amazon’s latest tech gadget operates via voice control and offers a multitude of attractive qualities.  The Echo can read him his favourite audiobook, recite the daily news headlines, blast his favourite dad music and even order him his favourite pizza treat!  Even better, the Echo can also help out with any pesky household chores.  With Alexa’s help, you can dim the lights, control your thermostat, lock any doors and even set your sprinkler system.     


Give your old man a tile mate 

Tile Mate - £23.47 

Old age or not, we’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when we realise that we can’t find our keys.  Enter Tile Mate – this nifty little tracker can be attached to keys, phones and even wallets, or whatever items that have a tendency to go walkabout.  Next time dad misplaces an item, he can simply open his Tile Mate app and this handy bit of tech can show you exactly where the item is hiding.   



For the BBQ King 

Playing with Fire Cookbook by Michael Symon - £22.50  

HeraldScotland: credit: Amazoncredit: Amazon

We can all agree that Michael Symon knows a thing or two about barbecuing and his latest book has hit shelves just in time for BBQ Season.  In his new book, Symon collates his very favourite BBQ dishes, all of which can be made by even if you’re not kitted out with a full smoker.  With numerous tasty recipes to make different style of ribs to a showstopper fireplace-roasted chicken that no BBQ guest will forget.  This is the BBQ bible that your dad will love! 



For the groomed gentleman 

If your dad is keen to give his grooming routine a bit of a refresh this summer, then why not gift him a Philips OneBlade Hyrbrid Trimmer and Shaver?  Far from your common beard trimmer or razor, this latest piece of grooming kit from Philips will easily revolutionise the way your dad grooms his beard.  The dual-sided blade is highly durable and is perfect for taming stubble as well as trimming any facial hair with laser-like precision.  The blades are built to last for up to four months, which provides you with great value for money. 


For the whisky connoisseur 

Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve - £34.25 

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Father’s Day is the perfect day to gift your dad a bottle of something special.  If you’re unsure what type of single malt to go for, or you’re buying for a dad who is a relative whisky newcomer, then the Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve is a safe bet. With a velvety smooth finish, this is the ideal Father’s Day whisky.      



It’s never too early to plan the perfect gift for this year’s Father’s Day.  Get ahead of the gift giving curve and make your dad proud with one of our choices. 



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