A GROUP of high-flying business executives are swapping spreadsheets for sweat as they take on an eight-week fitness challenge during their lunchbreak.

The Lambert Smith Hampton’s Glasgow office staff have embarked on an eight-week change challenge as part of the company’s commitment to employee health and wellbeing, with the help of a top Glasgow health and fitness instructor.

Lorraine Richardson who runs Ignite Fitness Glasgow is on a mission to help these city centre executives lose weight, build strength and overhaul their diet.

And the 15 committed businessmen and women are now taking part in twice-weekly bootcamps in their office for eight weeks, following a healthy balanced eating plan and learning all about nutrition at two lunch n’ learn seminars before they have their weights and measurements taken to see how well they have done.


(The 15 executives will work out twice a week in office space during their lunch breaks for the next eight weeks)

It's proving to be a true challenge for these execs who are used to dealing with property deals and not press ups and push ups that Lorraine is unleashing on them.

Aasia Mohammad, director of office advisory at Lambert Smith Hampton’s Glasgow office said: “We all know that our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are bad for us, so we thought this was a fantastic way of promoting health and well being to our team while also forging links with a great local business.

“While this will certainly deliver some very important messages about diet, fitness and well being, it’s also about having fun and bringing our team together in a supportive environment.

“We’re very keen to get started and there’s already a strong sense of friendly competition amongst our team as they discuss their personal goals.”


(Working up a sweat just a few feet away from their desks)

Lorraine Richardson from Ignite Fitness Glasgow said: “Lambert Smith Hampton is setting a great example for other employers by encouraging their employees to re-think their approach to health and fitness and supporting them in making positive changes.

“It shows a genuine commitment to well being and we’re confident each of the fifteen challengers will reap impressive lifestyle benefits throughout the eight weeks and beyond.”