What is it?

A lithium-ion battery powered lawnmower that's easy to start and operate.

Scottish summer is here which means the sunny intervals between rain must be used efficiently. Dispensing with gardening equipment cables and lead extenders is a good start as they are cumbersome and rarely long enough to complete the job.

Gtech has created a lithium-ion powered rechargeable battery lawnmower which aims to take the hassle out of grass cutting.

Good Points?

Being digital the mower starts with the touch of a button so there's no awkward yanking of cords or convoluted six-step initialising process. All you must remember is to charge the battery beforehand which is done much like other power tools. The pack slots into a supplied charging bank that plugs into a socket outlet.

A one-hour recharge known to Gtech as rapid charge gives 40 minutes of runtime which is ideal for most small to medium sized lawns.

The 50-litre grass bin results in fewer trips for disposal than many typical mowers. I liked that the container lining was taut, so no grass became trapped and simply flipping the bin upside-down was sufficient to empty it.

The intelligent blade detects lawn thickness in real-time and moves grass to the bin rather than bogging down and stalling. The mower can be folded neatly after use to take up less storage space.

Bad points?

Manoeuvrability could be improved as there is no option to free the fixed front wheels.

Best for ...

Those who want a fast and convenient way to manage their beloved lawns. Six cutting heights adds to its flexibility. It's a handsome beast too.

Avoid if ...

You have a larger space of jungle-like proportions; a tractor is probably more your speed.

Score: 9/10.

Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0, £499.99 (gtech.co.uk)