What is it?

A smart portable Bluetooth speaker with built-in DAB+ and FM radio.

Pure has a good reputation for making quality audio products that also push the boundaries of current trends. The StreamR is one such gadget that promises to future-proof your digital radio experience.

Good Points?

Design is unconventional yet striking with its rounded-edge cube shape. A 360-degree speaker element raises from the unit's body and protrudes at the top like a jet fighter platform being lifted to the top deck of an aircraft carrier (cue the Top Gun soundtrack).

This top deck holds an Alexa smart-assistant button and a sizeable LED screen which displays details of the current song or station. Sound quality is surprisingly impressive for something so small with the 30W power speaker filling multiple rooms at once with rich and immersive audio.

Pure has also given the StreamR capability to pick up DAB+ which supersedes DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasts).

The main benefits of DAB+ are that it is more efficient and can carry more stations and at a far higher quality. DAB+ radios are backward compatible with DAB stations, but DAB hardware cannot pick up DAB+ stations.

Bad points?

The smart assistant requires a button press to activate which can be tricky if you are following a recipe in the kitchen and your hands are full.

Best for ...

Those who want to enjoy music from different sources without having to buy separate devices. Its lightweight build and 15-hour battery life make the StreamR ideal to tote into the garden too.

Avoid if ...

You are looking for a seamless and hands-free Alexa experience.

Score: 9/10.

Pure StreamR Bluetooth Speaker, £169.99 (johnlewis.com)