Well, here we are again with Wimbledon on the telly or as I prefer to describe it, the sporting equivalent of a waiting room before the football starts again. You might have guessed that I ain't much of a fan but I do love a serving of strawberries and cream. Champagne is the traditional partner for strawberries, of course, but lately I've found the lighter bubbles of prosecco bring out the best in the fruit.

To be honest, I used to think it was a bit girly but then someone introduced me to a pink prosecco and I was hooked and, no, I'm not drunk, I’m just accepting my new reality. For a refreshing summer drink that doesn't blow a hole in your wallet, you can't beat well-made Italian bubbles, chilled to the bone. I've even become a fan of many of the fizz-based cocktails you can use it for these days. The latter can be as simple as a dash of gin two dashes of prosecco and a slice of cucumber for good measure. If you want to jazz that up, you can add a spoon of honey or some elderflower cordial but never the two together. You won't cause a catastrophic explosion, you'll just end up with too many clashing flavours. The rule is to keep it simple and remember that the gin and prosecco are the key ingredients and, coincidently, two of my favourite food groups.

Anyway, even though it ain't my sport, let’s wish all the best to Andy and Jamie Murray in their bids for doubles glory. I hope they both score loads of goals or tries or whatever it is they need to do.

Pianer Prosecco, Le Colture

A refreshing flowery nose with pears and citrus fruits on the palate and a lovely creamy finish. Bring on the strawberries.

Corney & Barrow, Ayr £15.95

Prosecco Ca’Rosa

A gentle fruity nose with apricot and peach notes on the palate. It’s a nice easy-going style with enough refreshing acidity to make it a perfect aperitif.

Oddbins Glasgow £12.00