What is it?

An intelligent muscle performance and recovery tool you control from your smartphone.

Gaining a legal sporting advantage has been the goal of scientists since competitions began, be it from resistance and weight impacts on the body to Sir Dave Brailsford's implementation of so-called "marginal gains" within world-class cycling.

The importance of muscle fatigue and recovery is recognised as one of the key physical development factors. To aid this PowerDot has been designed to provide Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which simulates activities and massage.

Good Points?

Traditional muscle stimulation devices were bulky and required mains power to operate. PowerDot provides this and more features with a portable and rechargeable battery. The tiny unit contains one control pod and two stimulation pads which can fit in a pocket and be used anywhere.

The accompanying app provides a dozen useful preset programmes to either build mass or ease muscle tension with the knot removal setting being particularly effective. You can also personalise your experience for a tailored workout to meet a particular goal.

Bad points?

Being a little too convenient may give the less active among us the excuse to stay at home and play games all day while stimulating their muscles. EMS plus FIFA 20 is no replacement for the real thing.

Best for ...

Those who want to supplement their training or help aid rehabilitation without risking their body with needless impact.

Avoid if ...

You require implanted medical devices which could be interfered with or suffer from skin irritation as the PowerDot pads need direct contact.

Score: 7/10.

PowerDot 2.0, £185 (uk.powerdot.com)