What is it?

A dual headphone 3.5mm jack to Bluetooth adapter that allows you to use wireless headphones on flight entertainment systems.

Good Points?

Although billed as a wireless flight adapter, its capabilities go further than just in-flight entertainment hardware. The gadget is equally proficient at streaming audio from a range of other devices including video game consoles, gym equipment and vehicles fitted with single 3.5mm jack ports.

With a battery life of 16 hours most travel durations will be covered which means more time enjoying the journey and less spent cursing loud fellow passengers. Having wireless headphones means you can also find a more comfortable position instead of being restricted by cables that keep being pulled out with every movement.

The unit can simultaneously broadcast audio to two pairs of headphones which is ideal if you are travelling with someone or need to entertain an offspring duo with one tablet computer.

Glasgow-based RHA has utilised the latest in high-fidelity audio and low latency technology along with Bluetooth 5.0 to increase signal quality and range meaning you can enjoy better sounding audio at up to ten metres.

A three-year warranty concludes this impressive package and adds another level of service.

Bad points?

It's early days but none to report so far.

Best for ...

Those who have wireless headphones and prefer the convenience of not being tied down by wires particularly in the gym or on long flights.

Avoid if ...

You have no need for wireless connections and are happy with your cabled headphones.

Score: 9/10.

RHA Wireless Flight Adapter, £39.95 (rha-audio.com)