Last week we looked at some fantastic Spanish reds. This week I’d like to recommend some of the unsung heroes of the wine world from the Sherry region. These wines are criminally underrated, as well as being fortified and, I promise, you will find some gems if you know where to look.

If you haven’t tried a Sherry in a while, now is the time to revisit these fantastic wines. Finos and Manzanillas are amongst the best aperitifs in the world, and Pedro Ximinez is arguably the most exciting dessert wine you’ll ever come across. They’ve fallen out of favour as they have the reputation of being the bottle that you have to buy for ageing relatives visiting at Christmas time. In fact, they are really interesting and diverse, as well as being amazing value for money.

Here are several to explore this weekend…

Hidalgo Manzanilla La Gitana 15% (Majestic, £9.99 for a 50cl bottle). This tangy little beauty is arguably the best way to kick off an evening. Keep one in the fridge and pour a small measure to get the party started. I guarantee you’ll be reaching for a refill.

Cayetano del Pino Palo Cartado 20% (Waitrose, £10.99 for a half bottle). This is very dry and nutty, and is the perfect serve with tapas or a soup starter.

Gonzalez Byass Noe Pedro Ximinez Viejo 15.5% (Waitrose, £19.99 for a half bottle). This is great with blue cheese, it’s amazing poured over home-made vanilla ice cream, but you could quite happily enjoy a chilled glass on its own at the end of the night.

Lustau En Rama Fino de Jerez 2019 15% (The Good Spirits Co Wine and Beer, £17.20 for a 50cl bottle). Lustau waited before releasing this year’s En Rama range as the conditions weren’t perfect until the end of May. In previous years, the bottles were released in April. They’ve also changed up the label design, going for a more modern feel. I’m all for this, as we need to make Sherry cooler again…and these bottles are undeniably cool. There are three different bottles in the range representing the three cities in the Sherry triangle, but I think the Fino de Jerez is the best of the bunch. Chuck a bottle in the fridge, and enjoy on a balmy Glasgow evening while you’re cooking something delicious. Cheers!