I can be a wee bit wary about discounted bottles in wine shops and supermarkets. You have to wonder if the wine is reduced because it wasn’t performing as it should, or if it is too old and tired. However, M&S are currently having a Summer Wine Festival with many bottles reduced by a third (occasionally to clear), and there are some really tasty and interesting options on the shelf.

I popped in last weekend and took home six bottles, all under £7 after the discount.

Here are my best finds so far…

Cote de Charme Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2018 (M&S, was £9, currently £6).

This is basically Sancerre’s little brother, and is ridiculously good value for money at just six quid. Grab a bottle (if there are any left) and pair with smoked salmon, an asparagus starter, or anything with goat’s cheese. Or just pour a glass while you’re cooking.

Very Rare Dry Oloroso Sherry (M&S, was £9, currently £6 for a half bottle).

This fortified wine (bottled at 20% ABV) is made by Lustau for M&S and it is just delicious. It’s a great aperitif especially when served chilled with olives, but it also works really well with sardines on toast at lunchtime.

CM Carmenere Valle deElqui 2017 (M&S, was £8.49, currently £5.67).

Carmenere is Merlot on steroids, and this is smooth, great value and very tasty. It’s lovely with lamb steaks, or grilled tuna. It’s already showing as out of stock on the website, but try your local store to see if they have any bottles at the back of the shelf. It’s a bargain.

Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 (M&S, was £10.49, currently £7).

Nebbiolo is one of my favourite grapes to pair with game, and this is a great opportunity to spend a wee bit less on the wine and a wee bit more on the meat.

Please bear in mind that different stores will feature different bottles, but if you don’t find the lines listed above I’m sure you’ll still find something to match what you’re cooking tonight.