What is it?

A portable, AI-powered instant voice language translation device.

When travelling, it's beneficial to be able to communicate using the local language, especially when venturing off the beaten track where you can't simply assume everyone speaks English.

That's where having a translator like Pocketalk comes in handy, be it for basics such as ordering food and drink, or gleaning information about hidden gems, such as a stunning waterfall or a secluded beach.

Good Points?

The design of the device has been well thought out with an oval shape that fits comfortably in most palms and pockets. The button layout and operation are simple enough to have you conversing within moments. This is ideal as you don't want large pauses between translated sentences.

The Pocketalk utilises a straightforward speak and reply button operation sequence to provide the most efficient means to communicate when face to face.

It translates 74 languages and can store up to 10,000 translations. Pocketalk can handle up to 30 seconds of speaking per translation. Included in the package is a built-in global sim so you can translate anywhere straight out of the box hassle free.

Bad points?

Although far less expensive than a smartphone, the Pocketalk is still significantly more costly than other translators on the market. It can't be used offline. An internet connection is required using WiFi, mobile data or a personal hotspot.

Best for ...

Those who view communication barriers as the biggest obstacle to travel. Now you don't need to partake in a high-octane mime act when trying to order a beer or purchase blister plasters.

Avoid if ...

You are only planning staycations until the Brexit storm clouds blow over.

Score: 9/10.

Pocketalk Translator, £259 (amazon.co.uk)